Reflecting the light

There is something special about lights, isn’t there? It’s just magical to see more and more of the Christmas lights going up all around, as 25th December draws ever closer.

Significant for us as Christians, of course, as Jesus is the Light of the World.

Having recently been on holiday in Madeira, one of the highlights for us was seeing all the Christmas lights going up in the villages and towns, celebrating this wonderful time of year. With it being a volcanic Island, and having very few places of flat land, travelling in the darkness at night-time is always a lovely sight, as there are so many lights all over the hillsides and valleys, twinkling and shining in the black sky. So, the Christmas lights make it even more spectacular.

On the last night of our stay, we went into the capital, Funchal, and were delighted that all the lights had been ‘switched on’ and we were able to see the Christmas decorations in their full glory. Whilst we were there it rained late afternoon, for about half an hour. Once it had cleared, we went walking round again. As we approached the very large, steel framed Christmas tree, that had been erected earlier in the week along the sea front, (approximately 60 feet high), we were overwhelmed with its magnitude and magnificence. We had never seen anything like it before. Then, as we were standing there taking in the beauty of it all, Charlie suddenly noticed something, and said, ‘Have you seen the reflection?’  I hadn’t, and when he pointed it out to me, it was something out of this world. Incredible. Amazing. Words fail me to describe what it looked like.

As we watched and took lots of photographs, I thought, had it not rained there would be no such beauty. Without the rain, yes it would still be very special, but after the rain with it creating the reflection, it made it extraordinary special and utterly amazing.

We often don’t like the rain and think of it in a negative way. Yet rain is a beautiful thing and of course very much needed. After the rain, a garden or grass field, or shrubs, plants and flowers can all look so much better, healthier, and refreshed.

As we gazed at this wonderful reflection of the Christmas tree, along the promenade of Funchal, I was reminded about reflections and how we as Christians and God’s people, are called to be like Him. We are called to reflect the love of Christ in our lives.

At this Christmas time, we are reminded how Jesus Christ came down to this earth as a baby, on that first Christmas eve. He was the Light coming into the darkness of our world. He went on to live a life that reflected the perfect love and will of God.

In our dark world today, we have Christ the true light. Without him we remain in darkness. With him in our lives, we have an inner joy, peace, and hope that this world can never give.

Light is so very important. It is warm and welcoming. And when the light shines into the rain, there is a certain beauty in the reflection.

This Christmas time let the light of Christ so shine in our lives, that we shine out for Him, and all those around us are dazzled by His glory.

Let us draw near to Jesus, the Light of the World, so that we can reflect his light, love, compassion, and forgiveness to all those who we meet.

Eileen Clarkson  17 December 2022