Reflection from Eileen Clarkson

The Roller Coaster continues…

After my writing last week, two or three friends commented that yes life is a roller coaster, but with God, whatever happens, we are always on the top.

I had an interview this last week for a job. Friends were praying for me.              I didn’t ask them to pray for me to be successful, but rather for me to do my best, then I could trust the Lord and what would be would be. My sister texted me: “Just be yourself, if you are meant to get the job, it’s already yours. If not, then God has a better plan. You win whichever way it goes.” I believe that is true. God sees the bigger picture. He sees the roller coaster from way up high above. He sees the beginning and the ending and everything in between.

Let us continue with the story of Joseph (found in Genesis Chapter 37).

Joseph’s brothers were very jealous of him as he was their father Jacob’s favourite son. God gave Joseph special dreams, but in his zeal and excitement he told his brothers about them, but they did not share his enthusiasm. As a result, the brothers hated Joseph so much they wanted to kill him. Reuben, the oldest sibling, persuaded them to put Joseph down a cistern or a pit so at least his life was spared. Out in the middle of the fields in Dothan, the brothers were wondering what to do next.

As they sat around to eat their lunch, in the distance they saw some Ishmaelites coming their way. Judah said to his brothers, “Hey, I say lads, I’ve an idea. Why don’t we let them take Joseph? Think of what we’ll gain if we sell him to these merchants”.

“That’s a good idea Judah” answered Asher. So that is what they did. As they dragged Joseph from up out of the pit, he pleaded with them, “Let me stay with you, please”.  “No, we don’t want you here anymore,” said Asher. “But I’m your brother. What will father say?” Joseph begged his brothers to reconsider.  Although they hadn’t thought about their father, they still decided to offer Joseph to the Ishmaelites. They sold him for 20 pieces of silver, and he was taken into Egypt.

Once in Egypt, Joseph was sold as a slave to Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh and captain of the guard.

We read that Joseph was a good man and was determined if he had to be a slave then he would be the best slave that he could be. He did his duties with a glad and willing heart.  So well in fact, that his master is well pleased with him and shows him great favour. Soon Joseph becomes an overseer in his master’s house. Things were looking up again for Joseph.

However, Joseph is a fine, handsome young man and Potiphar’s wife, Zulaikha, is attracted to him. After a time, she tries to seduce him, saying, “Come lie with me”. But Joseph refused. He replied, “Here in this house, the master has left me in charge of all things. He trusts me. He has given me everything apart from you. You are his wife! How can I be with you and do that which is so wrong against my master and against God?” Although Joseph made it very clear, Zulaikha did not give up. She spoke to Joseph every day whilst he continued with his work. Then one day, when no one else was around, as Joseph attended his duties, he passed her, and she reached out and held his arm. In an enchanting voice Zulaikha spoke to Joseph. “Good Morning, Darling,” and she ran her fingers up his bear arms. “How are you today?”

“What are you doing?” said Joseph taken aback. “Come lie with me Joseph” she replied enticing him towards the bedroom.  “No, No! Let go of me. This is not right.” In a determined voice Joseph tried to shake her off.  The temptress continued, “Oh Joseph, no one will know”, and she unties his garment.  Poor Joseph. Knowing he was in a dangerous place, he fled out the room as fast as he could. Potiphar’s wife was not happy. Who was this Joseph?  How dare he refuse her tantalizing charms?  When she realised she still had his garment, she made up a story, telling the men of her household and later her husband, that this Hebrew slave who he had taken as a servant, had gone into her bedroom to seduce her. All hysterical she said, “It was awful, darling. I was so frightened, I just screamed as loud as I could, and he ran off out of the house”.

Potiphar’s blood began to boil. In his anger he had Joseph thrown into prison immediately.

So again, the roller coaster of life. From the heights of all good things, suddenly Joseph was plunged down into the depths of darkness, yet God was with him. He had not finished with Joseph. The story continues…

Remember with God, we are always on the top of life. We need to keep trusting that He knows what’s best for us.

God bless


EC    20.7.21