Minister’s Letter – August 2014

Dear Friends,

Summer is coming!  Or, I hope it is – as I sit writing this in mid-June it is rather wet outside.  But, summer means sun and holidays.   Have you been somewhere nice?  Are going to go somewhere?  Or are you having a holiday at home?  We’re all entitled to a holiday, aren’t we?  Well, since 1998 we have been because of some EU legislation that means employers have to make sure that employees take at least 28 days holiday a year – it’s mandatory.  You can’t even take money in lieu of holiday.  28 days a year – it’s all yours to do with what you want.

Though the idea of ‘time off’ from work seems like a given gift to us, it hasn’t always been the case and it isn’t the case for those not protected by employment law.  However, it is still an important concept – trying to strike a work-life balance.   The idea of rest is really important in the Bible.  In fact it’s so important it’s one of the ten commandments: ‘Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it holy’ (Exodus 20:8).  It’s a day for rest for all – for children, for slaves, for livestock and for migrant workers.  So in effect, it’s a level playing field – no-one works, no-one gives orders, everyone rests.

So please, never feel guilty about taking your holiday – it’s exactly what it says on the tin a ‘holy-day’.   Rest is a God (and EU)-given gift.  Take it, use it, enjoy it.  Because when we’re totally focussed on work, targets and money, there’s often very little room for God.

Happy Holidays!