Minister’s Letter – August 2013

Dear Friends,

 There is one news story which is one everyone’s lips at the moment – the royal baby!  I can’t help but wish that it had been born at Christmas instead.  Think of all the comparisons I could make between the hype and intrigue that has surrounded the Prince of Cambridge’s birth and the lowly nature of the Prince of Peace’s birth.   In all of it there is one phrase from the Bible that springs to mind:

              For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given,                                                                       and the government will be on his shoulders.

Prince William is older than me so it’s the first time an heir to the throne has been born in my lifetime.  And it’s a little bit wondrous, seeing the tiny baby being carried from the hospital in his mother’s arms and knowing that in all likeliness he will have the responsibility and duty of being King.  How is it possible that such a burden could be placed on someone so frail and helpless?   I wonder how his parents feel?  Maybe they are proud, maybe they want to protect him from it all.   Not being a parent myself I can only guess there is some of that at the birth of every child – a mixture of excitement and fear.  I wonder how Mary and Joseph felt, knowing that their tiny child, born in the most precarious of circumstances, was to shoulder a great burden.

I think that’s how God looks at us – his chosen ones, his royal priesthood – with a mixture of excitement and fear.   Loving us, wanting the best for us but knowing that hardships will come our way.  And just like the best of parents he is always there when things go wrong – to have a good rant at, to share all our worries with and to turn to for comfort in the end.   God cares for us as a mother cares for her child.  So know that you are loved, that God is always there for you whatever life brings your way.