Ministers Letter – February 2007

Rev. Ray Coates
My Dear Friends

At our annual Covenant Service early in January, I spoke on the theme of journeys. The Gospel reading had been about the journey of the Wise Men and some of us thought of journeys we would like to make. We sang about “One more step along the world I go” and we reflected that the journey goes on. With those thoughts still in mind I want to say a little bit more about ‘journeys and ways’.

Jesus himself had a lot to say on the subject and one of the things he said of himself was “I am the Way…” is with us. “I will be with you, always…” is what he said to his first followers and says to us. The second comforting word is that as we travel we shall find new folk who will keep us company and offer us help on the way – I know that has been true for me. And the third consoling thought is that in the travelling on, we do not lose the friends that we may leave behind as our journey takes a different road. My first move at the age of nine was to Pocklington and still to this day I have friends from the four years that I spent there, and they’re all “Followers of the Way” themselves. Later years have brought friends who have church connections and friends who have none, but be assured, they will still be there – they will not be lost to you as you travel on through this year, wherever your journey may take you.

I have been very grateful, as many have, for two friends I have made here in Tadcaster. I’m thinking of Brenda and Bill Rimmer, who have touched and enriched many lives and who have left their mark on our Church. Their love and encouragement, their gifts and their work have been a blessing to us all. As they take a further step in their journey and move to Gloucestershire, our prayer is that God’s blessing will be on them. We know the comforting thoughts for the travellers I have talked about will be true for them, for God will keep his promise.

Entrusting you all to the One who says, “I am the Way…”

With much love,
Your Minister and friend,